My son plays beach volleyball competitively and drinks this water all day when competing. He buys it for me now so that it can help with my inflammation and sleep. Been drinking M>PWRH2o for months and has really helped me

Discovered this great water while watching volleyball at the beach. All the players were drinking it because after hours on the hot sand, prevented cramping. Guess what? Good enough for athletes good enough for me.

Doctors have advised me I should be taking magnesium for my migraines. Found out that M>PWRH2O has 110 mg per/liter. So much easier and convenient to drink bottled water that has the magnesium I need to ease my migraines

People don’t realize how critical magnesium is. Whether you work out or not. Magnesium is great for muscle and heart health. The fact that I can get my daily allowance by drinking M>PWRH2O bottled water is crazy. In a good way.

Didn’t realize that not all bottled water comes from a natural source until my brother told me that he drinks only M>PWRH2O because it is naturally sourced and has natural magnesium. Great to prevent cramping after working out. Why spend money on bottled water that comes from the city tap?

Sleep has always been a problem for me. Wake up 4 to 5 times a night. Don’t want to take any pills. Found M.PWRH2O by accident and began drinking 2-3 bottles a day. Can’t believe how better my sleep is.

Have been dealing with migraines for years, really bad. Friend told me about this M>PWRH2O that has a lot of natural magnesium. Tried the water and can’t believe how it has helped my migraines. Will keep drinking M>PWRH2O.

I have suffered from really bad headaches for years, can’t sleep, Started drinking M>PWRH2O and headaches are so much better now. Love this water!!!

My doctor recommended that I take magnesium for my severe leg cramps, but I hate taking pills. Found M>PWRH2O bottled water that has natural magnesium and since I drink a lot of bottled water, I switched to this water so I keep my hydration and get the Magnesium at the same time. Leg cramping at night is almost gone. Very surprised.