About Adobe Springs

The Adobe Springs are the only licensed water source in California that meets the UN’s World Health Organization’s Magnesium Content.

One of the few water sources on the planet that has this amount of naturally produced magnesium, without having harmful levels of Sodium, Acidity and other harmful contaminants and particulates.

Most filtered and bottled water provide little or no magnesium.

The Adobe Springs is rated as one of the healthiest water sources in the world, referenced in Bill Sardis’s book, “In search Of the World’s Best water” as well as Carolyn Dean’s “The Magnesium Miracle”.

Magnesium helps maintain muscle and nerve function and keeps heart rhythm steady and bones strong. According to researchers, magnesium is instrumental in preventing heart disease and strokes.

Three Things You Need To Know About Magnesium & Exercise

1.  Magnesium is lost during exercise through increased metabolism & sweat.

2.  Lactic acid, which causes post exercise pain, is decreased by magnesium.

3.  Magnesium deficiency may cause sudden cardiac death in healthy athletes.

Paul Mason’s Magnesium Mission

After being rebuffed by the US government, Paul Mason is now working with the World Health Organization to encourage adding magnesium to drinking water in other countries whose citizens suffer from diseases related to magnesium deficiency.

Paul has collected 80 studies showing that small amounts of magnesium in water, often just 5-20 mg/liter, lower incidences of mortality and heart disease. The reasons for such widespread magnesium deficiencies include increased consumption of processed foods, water purification that removes natural minerals, and mineral-depleted soil.

According to data compiled by Paul Mason:

“Even modest amounts of magnesium in water apparently reduce the rate of mortality (by an average of .003345). Applying that mathematical benchmark average to a world population of 6,350,000,000 suggests a possible decline in mortality of 21,240,750 per year—making magnesium deficiency a bigger cause of death than AIDS and war combined.”141

Paul Mason is telling the world that consuming more magnesium could save 21 million lives a year. Regrettably, only a few have bothered to pay attention.