Re-Defined the M>PWRH2O Way

I am almost 60 years young and have trained all my life. I always find it important to maintain a workout regimen that makes you feel invigorated, not only physically, but also mentally. I for one never want to leave my workout routine feeling drained. Instead, I want the feeling of…….correction, the reality of being stronger and faster than when I started.

Since I am always searching for that edge in any workout routine, I always drink natural alkaline water. Since I am the owner and founder of M>PWRH2O a naturally sourced alkaline & magnesium water, I can honestly say that regimen has improved my workouts and recovery times tremendously.

Many people I know, both athletes & non-athletes enjoy the benefits of energy drink powders and/or protein powders. I have nothing against either one of these resources to benefit pre and post workouts. However, I always would recommend a natural product.

Recently, a person at my training facility commented on how M>PWRH2O has noticeably improved their hydration during intense workouts. Of course I was quite pleased. Then that person shared with me that they also use a natural protein powder to complement their workout, but with a twist. Instead of mixing their protein powder with just regular tap water, or a filtered water from the fridge, they mix M>PWRH2O instead.

Brilliant! Not only are they getting the natural benefits from M>PWRH2O, with its alkaline and magnesium, but the mix of their protein powder together gives them an almost “super drink”!

Any of the below are typically mixed with water. Why not create your own “super drink” and re-define your hydration to the next level?